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hang a shining star - donna/ten - doctor who

hang a shining star
if donna noble wanted a proper christmas, a proper christmas is what she would have.
donna/ten friendshipg, 696, no spoilers
for beyondthepen - prompt was "christmas gift" - enjoy!

Donna wanted a Christmas. “A proper Christmas,” she had amended. “With a tree and gifts and good food.” She had been very specific.

The Doctor had offered to drop her home for the holidays, a proper Christmas with her family, but she’d wanted a Christmas on the TARDIS and with him. “We’re mates,” she had said, rolling her eyes. “Mates spend Christmas together,” she informed him.

“I don’t have a Christmas tree or decorations,” the Doctor pointed out.

“Well, find one,” Donna said, crossing her arms. “Even a Spaceman should be able to find a Christmas tree.”

There was no point to argue the point further. Actually, there was no point to argue with Donna at all.

So the Doctor set out to get a Christmas tree for the TARDIS.

Earth?” Donna asked incredulously. “You brought me to Earth?”

“You wanted a Christmas tree!” the Doctor exclaimed. “Earth has Christmas trees!”

“You were the one who said there was always a crisis that involved the world ending every Christmas!”

“Well, yes, but-”

Donna refused to budge from her spot next to the TARDIS console. “So we’re not going to stay on Earth. I’m not letting some Martian spoil my first Christmas with you.”

The Doctor took Donna to a planet across the galaxy from Earth. He really hoped there wasn’t going to be an alien invasion on Earth that year, or they’d face the wrath of a woman who wanted a “proper” Christmas.

The found a tree there on that planet. It was small, nothing like the trees that grew for meters found on Earth, but the Doctor had pointed out that they couldn’t carry a 2-metor tall tree all the way back to the TARDIS.

“Fine. But we need decorations,” Donna said. “This place isn’t anywhere near the right level of festivity.” She immediately went to see what the Doctor had hidden away behind the many closed doors and rooms of the TARDIS.

Hours later, she still hadn’t found anything. “You don’t have any bloody decorations?” she asks, adopting the tone she used whenever she was irritated. And right now, she was very irritated.

The Doctor shrugged. “I told you I normally didn’t decorate for Christmas.”

Donna glared at the Doctor for a moment before sighing. “I guess there isn’t anything else to be done, then. I reckon it’s back to plain old Earth for me and you, and we’ll just have a proper Christmas with Mum. I bet you she’ll make that fruitcake of hers.” She made a face, and then another sigh.

We’ll have a-”

“I’m going to take a nap. You wake me when we’re back, you got it?”

The Doctor gave her a mock salute and turned the pilot the TARDIS back to Earth, wondering if there was a way he could get out of eating fruitcake with Donna’s Mum. Then, he paused, turned around, and looked at the pathetic little tree near the door.

When Donna woke up, she felt disorientated for a moment, and then she remembered what had happened and where she was going. Home to Earth for Christmas. With her Mum and fruitcake.

She couldn’t hear or feel the TARDIS moving, and she grumbled about Martians who didn’t wake her when she told them to. Making her way swiftly out of her room and into the room where the console was, she suddenly stopped and stared. The tiny little tree had been replaced with a much larger one, and it shone with decorations, from tinsel to small baubles. There were stockings on one of the columns, and a star sparkled at the top of the tree.

“Happy Christmas, Donna,” the Doctor said as he leaned against the console.

“What…how…when did you do this?” Donna asked, looking from the decorations to the tree to the Doctor himself.

The Doctor looked pleased with himself. “I stopped on Earth and had a little bit of help.” He nodded over to his right.


Donna raced down towards where her grandfather stood, the Doctor watching with a small smile.

“Happy Christmas, my girl,” Wilfred Mott said.

“Happy Christmas indeed,” she replied with a grin, looking at the Doctor over Wilf’s shoulder.
Tags: character: donna noble, character: tenth doctor, fandom: doctor who, pairing: doctor/donna, prompt: 2011 holiday fics, type: one-shot
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