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leaving on a jet plane - kate/mal - castle/firefly

leaving on a jet plane
he wished that his plan had been a stupid one.
kate/mal, pg, 393, no summaries/warnings.

Mal heard the door slide open behind him, but he made no move to acknowledge the sound save for tilting the pilot controls a little to the right.

“I don’t think I could ever get sick of seeing this.”

Mal didn’t reply. He didn’t think that Beckett was looking for an answer. Sometimes, people just had to talk to get their heads clear, and he figured this was one of those times.

“At home, in New York, things are just…cluttered. No one sees the stars quite like this. Actually, no one sees the stars.” Beckett amended. “Too much pollution.”

There was a silence. Peaceful, each occupant in the pilot bay lost in their own thoughts.

“Back where I grew up, there were stars,” Mal finally acknowledged. “Ain’t ever anything like this, though.”

“I’m sorry about earlier at dinner.”

“You got your way of doin’ things, I got mine.” Mal shrugged. He turned from the controls and looked at Kate in the eye. “But next time you got a problem with me, you come to me. Ain’t no reason for the crew to be takin’ sides and messin’ up the gorram plan.” He turned back around to look outside.

Beckett nodded, even though Mal couldn’t see her. Then, she added, “Your plan was stupid.”

“What?” Mal whirled around.

“Jayne was shot, you were shot, I was almost shot…you had to get ten stitches! How was that not a stupid plan?!”

“I don’t imagine you could have come up with a finer one! And it ain’t as if I’m not used to bullets.”

Beckett hit Mal in the shoulder at that.

Xiaoxin, funu! I got shot right there!”

She hit him again.

“And the plan worked! We got the gorram device! You can get back to Earth-that-Was when we get to Persephone.”

Beckett nodded, the light-hearted atmosphere suddenly disappearing. “Yeah. I guess it did work.”

“You should go get yourself ready. We’ll be landin’ in a couple hours, I figure.” Mal purposefully didn’t look at Beckett when he said this.

“I’ll go do that.” She left, closing the door behind her with a snap.

And just like that, Mal was left alone. Him and the stars. Just like how it had been with Inara when she’d left. Just like how it was going to be after Beckett left.

He wished his plan had been stupid.

xiaoxin, funu: Careful, woman!
Tags: character: kate beckett, character: malcolm reynolds, fandom: castle, fandom: firefly, pairing: kate/mal, type: crossover, type: one-shot, verse: life on mars
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Mandarin yey! *flail* Also stupid bloody pairing is glorious. I love it!
I knowwww! I love Mal/Beckett so much...they're my OTP forever! ♥