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to whatever end - doctor/master - doctor who

to whatever end
he was a time traveler who couldn't change what time had wrought.
doctor/master friendship, pg, 448 words, spoilers for the s3 finale.
for radges - prompt was "something cute or angsty" - enjoy!

The red grass sways gently, undisturbed in the breeze. Mount Perdition looms in the background.

Sometimes, he thought that he lived too long.

The Doctor stood, illuminated by the last rays of the sun. The body of his enemy…or his friend — the body of the Master, his Koschei lay on the pyre he’d constructed. He had done it himself, spent all afternoon constructing what would be the final resting place for Koschei.

A sound of laughter suddenly punctures the silence, footsteps pounding into the ground and disturbing the tranquility of the scene. “Wait up, Koschei!” the boy gasps.

No, the final resting place for the Master. He couldn’t bring himself to think Koschei as the Master. They were two completely different people, and Koschei had died long before the Master had. Koschei had died so that the Master could be born. There was nothing that remained of his friend from their days at the Prydon Academy.

“You hurry up!” the other boy retorts, although he is grinning. “I’m always waiting for you!”

He could have walked away. He knew he could have left Earth, taken Martha and Jack and left the Master to rule. He would never have, though. He felt responsible for what had happened to Koschei. Maybe he was arrogant to think so, but if he’d been there — no, if Theta had been there — maybe the Doctor wouldn’t be the one giving the Master his final sendoff.

The first boy catches up to the second, his hair falling into his face. He pushes his bangs out of his eyes and flops onto the grass. Koschei falls down next to him. There is a comfortable silence for a few minutes.

The look on the Master’s face was serene, calm, betraying nothing of the events that had led to his death.

“After tomorrow, things will be different, Theta. You know that, right?”

“What happened, Koschei?” the Doctor asked, gazing down at the man who looked nothing like the boy he’d once known. The name slipped out of his mouth before he could stop himself. He closed his eyes. It wouldn’t do to dwell on what happened.

“I know. Your initiation at the Untempered Schism is tomorrow.” Theta looks down. “But who says that things have to change? We’re still going to be friends.”

He was a time traveler who couldn’t change what time had wrought.

Koschei pauses. Finally, he nods. “To whatever end,” he promises.

Theta held the torch next to the pyre; the fire jumped from one piece of wood to another, and the spark led to a burst of flame, slowly growing larger and engulfing the body within.

The Doctor turned around and walked away.
Tags: character: simm!master, character: tenth doctor, fandom: doctor who, pairing: doctor/master, prompt: 2011 holiday fics, type: one-shot
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*SOBS* Nicely done, not making them all emo as kids. But... *SOBS*
BUT ANGST IS AWESOME! Well, next to h/c after torture. BUT STILL! <3