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somewhere between trouble and rescue - amy/eleven friendship - doctor who

somewhere between trouble and rescue
"you'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair, doctor. people who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is."
amy/eleven friendship, g, 557, spoilers for the s6 finale.
for hondagirll - prompt is the quote above - enjoy!

River finally visits her parents with the Doctor.

The Doctor points out that Amy and Rory think that he is dead and that meeting dead people generally doesn’t go over very well. River says that she’s told them the truth ages ago that that furthermore, he’s never been nervous about shocking people before. This time, he’s only nervous about meeting Amy and Rory as his parents-in-law.

His reply gives it away. “I’m the Doctor. I’m not afraid of meeting my friends, even if they do think I’m dead and might be slightly angry at the deception. But I am not nervous about meeting them in any way, shape, or form.”

River laughs. “You’re afraid, sweetie. Let’s go.”

The initial meeting goes much smoother than the Doctor had anticipated, baring Amy pointing out that she expects him to take good care of his daughter or else. The Doctor thinks that Amy is much better at being a mother than she gave herself credit for, her eyes intense and her posture protective without her realizing it.

“I will,” he says. And he means it too.

“And bring her around for tea more often,” Amy says. “We don’t see her nearly enough.”

The Doctor promises that as well.

Then it was his turn to grill his mother-in-law. “Staying out of trouble, Pond?” he asks, already knowing very well what Amy’s gone on to do after leaving the TARDIS.

“There’s always trouble, Doctor,” Amy replies.

“I don’t doubt it. Amelia Pond, you’ll always find a way to find trouble, won’t you?”

Amy tilts her head back and laughs, her red hair swinging behind her. "You'd find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair, Doctor. People who haven't red hair don't know what trouble is."

“I’m never ginger. And yet, trouble still finds me. I don’t go looking for it.” Amy gives the Doctor a look, and he concedes. “Alright, I do. But where is the joy of life — the adventure — without a spot of trouble? It’s like tea. A good spot of spot can turn your day around. And a good spot of trouble can-”

“No, Doctor,” Amy interrupts, patting his hand. “Don’t even think about finishing that metaphor, or you’ll jinx our tea from now until forever, knowing you.”

The Doctor looks down at the teacup he’s holding and puts it down, looking at Amy seriously.


The Doctor doesn’t reply.

What?” There it is, the tone Amy adopts when she’s annoyed.

“No trouble, do you hear me, Pond?”

“What?” It’s still there, the mixture of irritation and exasperation.

“You’d better not be getting into trouble over your head. You and Rory are going to play house and make more babies-”

Amy shoves him. “You don’t say that to your mother-in-law, Doctor!” she chastises.

“-make more babies and have a good life. Do you understand me?”

Amy understands him. He isn’t going to be there to pull them out of trouble. But then again, she doesn’t need him to pull them out of trouble. “The thing about being ginger, Doctor, is that we don’t go looking for trouble. But when it finds us, we can get ourselves out of it.” She's grown up. She doesn't need her Raggedy Doctor anymore.

The Doctor has a myriad of responses to that. But he finally settles on one. “I know you can, Amelia.”

And the Doctor really does.
Tags: character: amy pond, character: eleventh doctor, fandom: doctor who, pairing: amy/doctor, prompt: 2011 holiday fics, type: one-shot
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